Sites: wetlands remnant near LAX, electrical power transformers, and discount big box food store. At the wetlands edge a marginal explosion of wires and cut-rate food in bulk- hot yellow interiors. Invasion of the tesserae–folding terraforms crash and meld consumer technologies at the edge of a denatured nature, west Los Angeles. an atopia, where site dissolves into an event-disturbance you can only grasp through glutted layers of visual and auditory information. Walking along the Ballona Wetlands in west Los Angeles, skirting the edge of the Tahiti Substation. Looking through the wires. Intense hum. Danger. Grid of food, grid of fire. Mesh to wholesale shopping at Foods 4 Less. Yellow papers spread. Trash like scrolls could be wings. Could be wire escapes, fire escapes. An energy loop, foods 4 less > transformers > wetlands: now a degraded failed ecology. Could tesserae-energy synthesizers feed back  the wetlands?

HD video / NTSC downsample
Edition of unlimited /NFS/
1920 x 1080 pixels 48 khz audio


online selection  for Version (2009) curated by Caleb Wendorf and Jordan Crandall, UC San Diego

Premiere: "Urban Research", looped video works, 6th International Director's Lounge Festival, Berlin-Mitte, 11-21 February 2010.

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