Teorema Drawings : notes on an extended drawing series

‘Theorem and theory of seeing, the reality of god is theos, a gaze.

“Diagram” is to cut and to separate scratches. 

“Science” is to cut and “conscience ” to unite and cut at the same time.  [...]

Form is gleam, sparkle reluciendo.

To read the law is to ignite it is with love, like a lover who feeling loved returns love two-fold.

Violence and destruction are also repaid.

Every fibre of the weave dialogues and reverberates with the others.”


Cecilia Vicuna, The Melody of Stuctures

The Teorema Drawings series is named after Pasolini’s Teorema. Rather than re-presenting it, I draw from Pasolini’s premise. TEOREMAs are provisional observations.  As in the film, someone arrives in the field of vision– diagram, intruder, angel, stranger.  I draw on a physical memory of places where trauma’s been exposed. Reportage of a disappeared event – material evidence. I am painting spatial displacements and replacement parts. Each part is a grapheme, almost written. The parts make into energetic extensions at architectural scale. The titles are phrases lifted from social media conversations or from books. As images the Teoremas first appear in Facebook, then other online media, then exhibition.  The Teoremas are distributed bodies from paint to network.

The Teorema Drawings have been shown in solo exhibition at Cara y Cabezas, Kansas City, Missouri, in 2011.

They have also shown in group exhibitions at Headlands Center for the Arts (2012) and at the Acadiana Center for the Arts (2011).


limekiln (it was an accident) 

synaptic yellow

threat level

mercy for marinettis dog

blue jay way

primary process

touch island

violent tiepolo


security system

lush situation 


seep into the skin


drawing / drawing installation
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