Teorema drawings at Headlands: “De-Mobbing: Landscape Structure Bioform”

Two of my Teorema drawings from 2010-11 are included in a new exhibition at the Headlands Center for the Arts.  “De-Mobbing: Landscape, Structure, Bioform,” curated by Brian Karl, is at the project space at the Headlands, Marin, California,  January 22 -  March 4, 2012

fire in my fingers please leave a message (teorema 31) -Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin-012212-1

fire in my fingers please leave a message (teorema 31)

lime kiln it was an accident (teorema 33) -installation Headlands Marin -012212-11

lime kiln it was an accident (teorema 33) -installation Headlands Marin -012212-11

lime kiln-it was an accident-at the headlands 012412

lime kiln-it was an accident-at the headlands 012412

Brian Karl: “A group exhibition centered on the concept of demobilization. As the beginning of the end of war, demobilization is the first step towards recovering from devastation by turning away from patterns of conflict toward more positive configurations of resource and society. Though much of the work in this exhibition is not thematically about war in an explicit way, it encompasses a range of alternative visions from the utopian to the dystopian. As an ensemble, the work represents the affects generated from approaching apocalypse, but also strips back to a blank slate of beginning again, pointing to ambiguities of human potential for creativity and self-destruction, marked by power and powerlessness, pride and pathos, possibility and failure.” For this show,  two of the Teorema drawings, “Lime kiln it was an accident (teorema 33)” and “Fire message (teorema 31) are installed in the raw project space (without frames) at the Headlands.
De-Mobbing: Landscape Structure Bioform

Lime kiln it was an accident (teorema 33) 2011
Fire message (fire in my fingers please leave a message) (teorema 31) 2010

“…At a scale larger than my body, the drawing must project into architectural volumes. Now, something arrives, diagram, intruder, angel, stranger.  Could a theorem, visually, announce itself in traces– tracks and slashes? As I work, I draw on a physical memory of places where trauma’s been exposed. Without a way to speak, their stories transliterate into linear masses in sequences. Cadences of a march…To be stopped,–red. Reportage of a disappeared event – minimal evidence, look closely, the drawing might heal or open scars?”  (artists statement, “De-Mobbing: Landscape Structure Bioform” )

Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California January 22- March 4, 2012

curated by Brian Karl

with artists:

Robin Adsit
Ulrika Andersson
Mark Baugh-Sasaki
Barry Beach
Gina Borg
Jessica Cadkin
Kirk Crippens
Gail Dawson
Jordan Essoe
Alison OK Frost
Dana Harel
Cameron Hockenson
Whitney Hubbs
Whitney Lynn
Christina McPhee
Sandra Ono
Connie Samaras
Betsy Seder
Gabrielle Teschner
Patrick Wilson

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