Ambient sound recordings at the site of the autochamber, including wind, crickets, jets passing and the robot’s movements themselves…. Remix to…mathematically generated sound made from pairing data to wave forms observing the decline of C02 ‘breathing’ from summer to winter. Modelling (decline) in photosynthetic activity; processing modulates the point ot point interpolation of sound. After HPSCHD, by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller

nonlinear interview with composer Henry Warwick in conversation with Christina McPhee  

introduction to climatologist/agronomist Jay Ham and autochamber on the prairie

christina mcphee and henry warwick

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Slipstreamkonza Semiotics as pdf download: conference paper for COSIGN 04  
Slipstreamkonza Semiotics as html  
"Big Data " SCALE, vol 6/7, 2004 pp. 17ff, University of California-San Diego, with Brett Stalbaum (ed), Lisa Jevbratt, and Andrea Polli ( 26.9 mb PDF download)