SD video
Edition of open edition
720 x 480 pixels / sound

American University Museum 2007

Transport Gallery Los Angeles 2005

Bildmuseet Umea, Sweden 2005-6

Bucharest Biennial 3 2008



The at-depth sound recordings of the first 4 minutes 22 seconds of a M6.0 California earthquake at Parkfield (2004) as a geologic self-portrait. Quake sounds replace speech. “Silky” denotes a second skin as if one’s body becomes the quake. Animations from VRML clips of geomorphologic changes during the quake. VRML is a visual data language used in the late nineties through the mid-2000s, courtesy of Dr. Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University.Audio files are mixed from the vertical component of velocity as observed at a depth of 3465 feet, using a 15 kHz geophone. They interpret the first 4. 22 of the September 28, 2004 M 6.0 Parkfield Earthquake observed inside Earthscope’s SAFOD (San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth), at Parkfield, California.

SILKY VRML 422 won the Drunken Boat Pan-LIterary Award in Video, selected by the late British video pioneer,David Hall, in 2007.
It premiered in live space at Pacific Film Archive on April 6, 2006 in the program, "Artistic Disasters," curated by Steve Seid (University of California-Berkeley).

As installation video, SILKYVRML422 is one of the Carrizo Quartet moving image works, which premiered at Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, December 2005-January 2006, and opened at Cartes Center for Art and Technology, Espo, Finland in May 2006. It also screened in installation for Christina's solo exhibition, "Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries." at the American University Museum in Washington, DC in the summer of 2007.

Combining performance and documentary, Christina¹s experimental films meditate on the hidden and invisible forces of seismicity, and the shock of unpredictable trauma. Her topologic site studies combine the poetics of memory with flashes of documentary and performance. Her work lives at the strange crossroads of scientific visualization and imaginative narrative in new media.

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