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HD video in four channels
Edition of five
1920 x 1080 HD maximum scale / 48 khz sound dolby 5.1 and stereo
24 minutes in loop

During two year’s time, SHED CUBED  traces the heliotropic movement of drawings across diurnal passages of light and darkness in an austere interior of concrete floors and white walls. SHED CUBED is ‘shedding’ drawings. The drawings accumulate, re-materialize, and melt away in the space of the shed.... pentimenti--

SHED CUBED reflects on the materiality of video as a drawing medium and architectural body.

SHED CUBED records the effect of transverse light, as the sunlight moves through the space from early morning onwards... The video footage captures the slow changes of the light and the rapid changes of the drawing. In post production, the video format becomes a long strip, rather than the typical rectangle-- a sequencing and serial effect. The footage is compressed up to a limit of 900 percent. The shed is hermeneutic (pertaining to its own secrets) but the transverse light inside the shed explodes the intimacy of such a secret space, brings it into the light. Effectively the light exposes the drawings as a writing process that iterates line after line in accumulations, refrains, recollections and recursions. Following the drawings, the video montage sheds time in layers, in a profusion of moments...the installation recapitulates the shed.


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