Edition of open edition
720 x 480 pixels / sound
9’ 23”


Bucharest Biennial 3 2008

American University Museum, Washington DC 2007

Pacific Film Archive 2006

Cartes Center for Art and Technology, Espoo 2006

Bildmuseet Umea 2005-6

Transport Gallery, Los Angeles 2005


from the project Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries

Born of the 6.5 magnitude San Simeon earthquake, central California, in December 2003, SALT begins with television’s six o clock lineup at a death scene, then cuts to a dark figure, wired for sound, who tracks aftershocks through the white expanses of the depopulated Carrizo Plain at Soda Lake.  A hypnogogic dream makes you think you are tracking on location. SALT recalls the biblical Lot’s wife, who, despite warnings not to look back on her burning city, still turns to look - and at that moment, freezes into a pillar of salt. Is the freeze frame a white-out revenge against remembering too well, too much?


“As in a dream, the camera in media artist Christina McPhee's video.. roams across an enigmatic landscape gathering disparate images that tangle together as loosely twisted threads of a story. They never 
fully knit together, but that's the point. Her themes are memory, trauma and the tumult of earthquakes, and the video functions as a dreamscape of layered and moving frames that mimic the way slips of 
imagery flutter through our psyche, one quickly replaced by another..."-- 
Holly Willis, "Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries," Signal to Noise,  LA Weekly, March 2005

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