photographic commissions for barclays / heritage commission at one churchill place, london



photomontage chromogenic prints (lightjet/aluminum mount/acrylic facemount)
75 x 200 to 100 x 300 cm

Collection :  Heritage Commission, Barclays One Churchill Place, London

The commission brief gave the artist access to photograph bank archive documents dating from the founding of London banks and investment banking by  the Quaker community and by the Royal Exchange in the late sixteenth century. The commission scale grew from an initial 30 works to over 150. More recently, various Barclays entities (BarclayCard, Barclays Wealth) in London, Glasgow and internationally, commissioned photomontage works based on the photographs I shot at the archives. A small selection of the work is shown here. The work was commissioned via International Art Consultants, London, from 2004-2013.

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