Christina McPhee 2005





49‘ 36“ digital video


in continous single channel, or three channel simultaneous loop             requires Quicktime 7 + broadband  










Sound flows from documentary capture via camcorder and mic, as well as from internet video clips posted online by a USGS witness to the catastrophic debris flow on January 10, 2005.

Music in (TAO) are selections from the composition TAO, composed byKyong Mee Choi for piano, voice and electronics. Texts are culled from initial United States Geological Survey

reports on the landslide at La Conchita.

Video sequences were built from linear tracks created with the analog Jones sequencer at the Experimental Television Center in November 2005

Animations and sequencing developed from overlaying the linear sequences in Final Cut Pro. 

This work is released on 12 January, 2006, one year and two days after the winter 2005 mudslide took 10 lives.

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La Conchita






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