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La Conchita mon amour (net project) : A Turbulence Artists Studio Project 2006

Aftermath of a deadly debris flow in January 2005 , La Conchita, California, one hundred miles north of LA. 

Christina McPhee

la conchita mon amour

[la conchita mon amour : monoraph in pdf ]

[la conchita mon amour: interview "Bare Life and Traumatic Landscape: in html }

la conchita mon amour project essay (in PDF) : "La Conchita Paradise"

La Conchita mon amour photography, drawing and cinematic and installation video

[la conchita mon amour : large scale chromogenic photomontage lightjet prints] pdf

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special thanks:

Experimental Television Center New York 2005

Terry Hargrave and Lawrence Machado for additional camerawork

Keigo Fukugaki for enhanced site design and Flash programming 2007

Kyong Mee Choi for musical clips from "TAO" 2005

Turbulence.org / online exhibition site launch 2006 / a Turbulence Artists Studio project








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