La Conchita N=amour / HD video installation

la conchita N=amour-excerpt 7 still image / christina mcphee 2008

La Conchita N=amour reflects on the debris site as a place of N for life-memory below the level of the mudslide. At ETC,  the Jones Sequencer, a linear destructive editing tool from the late seventies, gave its own semi-random sequencing to 10 hours of tape, from which I selected one and a half hours of video footage.  The mechanical sequencer footage had an  airless quality.  I designed a quadrilateral grid for N-place as if to give room for the site to breathe… breath-spaces in the space of N.


Shot at La Conchita, California, October 2005 to August 2006. Animations created using 4 channels of video inside the Jones Sequencer (analog destructive editing tool) during a residency at the Experimental Television Center, New York, November-December 2005. HD montage in Final Cut Pro  Micro-soundscape from cyclical sounds at the site, include surfsounds, motorcycles, cars on Highway One, trains, conversations with residents). Additional sound from voices on footage shot during the mudslide on January 10, 2005 (web based found footage). Musical elements from TAO, by Kyong Mee Choi (2005).

HD video in single or more channels

Edition of 3 + AP
1920 x 1080 HD maximum scale per channel
35 minute loop

proposed for installation

Project: 11_la conchita | Medium:
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