double blind studies

Following the scientific ‘double blind study’, I put drawings into a testing space of photography.  A double negative, a bilateral symmetry, a  photogram like effect– reveal something the drawing was blind to, before it was transformed into a print. The site of drawing appears like a laboratory slide under a microscope, or a scene of pinned specimens on the wall. The photographs at first account for the mechanical shoot in a literal way– push pins are visible, drips of old paint on the wall behind.  But the photographs deliver ambiguity. If the procedure is modernist, the results are speculative. Just-the-facts yields to primitive science. The air is dense with texture like chalk dust on a blackboard. An approach to life.

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archival LE gelatin silver prints on fiber paper / printed at Griffin Editions, Brooklyn, September 2012
Edition of 3 + AP
Each print is 30 x 40 inches including black borders

project premiere: "Up All Night", SF Camerawork, San Francisco, July 10-August 16, 2014.

 interview with Christina McPhee on the double blind studies / by Louis-Georges Schwartz (2013)

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