double blind studies

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Double Blind Studies is a suite of gelatin silver print photographs created from abstract drawings Following the scientific ‘double blind study’, I put drawings into a testing space of photography.  A double negative, a bilateral symmetry, a  photogram like effect– ust-the-facts yields to primitive science. The air is dense with texture like chalk dust on a blackboard. An approach to life.

I shot video for six days on board a marine biology research voyage in the Gulf of Mexico, after the BP oil spill. Profuse crustaceans and rare bioluminescent fish came up at night from great depths of 1200 meters and more— into the blinding white light on board ship. Double Blind Studies evolved from this encounter. The deep-sea marine life is a hidden taxonomy.The direct encounter with the benthic layer—where it is always night — is the inspiration for this suite of gelatin silver prints, shot digitally and printed by hand.

Printed at Griffin Editions in Brooklyn, New York, September 2012.

Christina McPhee


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archival LE gelatin silver prints on fiber paper / printed at Griffin Editions, Brooklyn, September 2012
Edition of 5 + AP
Each print is 30 x 40 inches including black borders

project premiere: three prints selected for the group show: "Up All Night", SF Camerawork, San Francisco, July 10-August 16, 2014.

 interview with Christina McPhee on the double blind studies / by Louis-Georges Schwartz (2013)

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