Interview: Christina McPhee with Donata Marletta, Digicult 02.17

permalink-author’s blog:  Interview: Christina McPhee with Donata Marietta, DIGICULT 02.17 

Interview:  Christina McPhee, the Political-Aesthetics of Nature, DIGICULT 02.17   Italiano /  English


by Donata Marietta, conducted via email in English, translated into Italian … Read on »



Christina McPhee,  by Robert Summers, Artillery Magazine, November 11, 2016 click for link

on the exhibition Second Sight: Recent Works by Christina McPhee, curated by James MacDevitt, Cerritos College Art Gallery, greater Read on »

Christina McPhee : interview on Yale University Radio

Brainard Carey with Christina McPhee, April 16, 2015Read on »

Review: Frazer Ward on Christina McPhee / Carbon Song Cycle and La Conchita mon amour

video still, Carbon A Drawing, song, in Carbon Song Cycle, premiere, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, University of California-Berkeley, 2013


by Frazer Ward

(Excerpted from an essay in the forthcoming Dossier: Christina McPhee,Read on »

christina mcphee at open space art cologne 2011 : interview

interview for Vernissage.tvRead on »

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On Christina McPhee’s SHED CUBED / Louis-Georges Schwartz

On Christina McPhee’s SHED CUBED / Louis-Georges Schwartz

LGSchwartzOnChristinaMcPheesShedCubed2013 : download PDF

SHED CUBED documentation : links

Christina McPhee’s Shed Cubed holds gallery goers amidst four screens of desaturated, low-contrast, time-compressed video images depicting the … Read on »

Christina McPhee : Double Blind Studies : an interview with Louis-Georges Schwartz

Christina McPhee : Double Blind Studies :
an interview with Louis-Georges Schwartz

translated to French and published by Aliette de Certhoux at  December 2012


Louis-Georges Schwartz : What can you tell me about … Read on »

“California artist Christina McPhee refers to the significance of both [Jordan] Belson and Stan Brakhage films in regard to video work, citing especially Belson’s ‘color-space and atmosphere and the fluidity of edges’ and Stan Brakhage’s … Read on »

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BOMB: Christina McPhee interview with Mel Potter

BOMBblog: Christina McPhee interview with Mel Potter : link to BOMB Magazine 

“I started thinking about using the tesserae—complex ridged folds—of the surface of Venus, as a simple visual analog for carbon intensification in our … Read on »

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Spectacle of Seismicity : Leonardo April 2010


Ella Mudie, “The Spectacle of Seismicity,” Leonardo (MIT Press Journals), volume 43, issue 2, April 2010.

Representations of earthquakes in visual art have the potential to function as spectacles (defined as striking or dramatic … Read on »

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Tragic Travelogue, a Consideration Around Christina McPhee’s Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries by Ryan Griffis

Published for Rhizome Digest 4. 15. 05

“What are we to make of the popularity of such tourist targets as celebrity murder sites,
concentration camps, places where thousands have been shot down, inundated with lava, Read on »

review: Iraqi Eye / SF Camerawork 2009

Read on »

Sharon Lin Tay on Christina McPhee’s La Conchita N=Amour

Dr Tay (Middlesex University, London)  advances discussion of documentary beyond claims to realism and documentary truth towards what Trinh T. Minh-ha calls ‘boundary events.’ Tay argues that digital video, editing and compositing expose the limitations … Read on »

“La Conchita” / Nicholas Ruiz III / International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, 2007

“La Conchita”  / link to online article/

La Conchita

Nicholas Ruiz III
(Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities, Florida State University).


Unlike the discourse of the real which gambles on the fact of there being … Read on »

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bare life and the traumatic landscape: interview Christina McPhee with Amy Wiley

interview HTML

interview PDFRead on »

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