Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries: moving image works

Image: video still, SilkyVRML422, NTSC/PAL video, loop, 2005.



Carrizo Quartet and Carrizo Prime are two series of video / video installation moving image works in the Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries project of 2004-2008.



Temporary documentation is from the archived old site here  and on Vimeo here and here.


“As in a dream, the camera in media artist Christina McPhee’s video.. roams across
an enigmatic landscape gathering disparate images that tangle together as loosely
twisted threads of a story. They never fully knit together, but that’s the point. Her
themes are memory, trauma and the tumult of earthquakes, and the video functions
as a dreamscape of layered and moving frames that mimic the way slips of imagery
flutter through our psyche, one quickly replaced by another…”
Holly Willis, “Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries,” LA Weekly, March 2005

The current geologic epoch is sometimes called ’anthropocene’ to emphasize the force
of human-induced ecological and geologic changes. Along the San Andreas Fault in
California, Christina McPhee explores topologies of memory, trauma and geologic
presence, like a field guide in a psychogeographic landscape. She tracks seismic presence
through intimate studies of site. Combining performance and documentary, her
experimental films meditate on the hidden and invisible forces of seismicity, and the
shock of unpredictable trauma.

-Maria Tjader-Knight, curator, Cartes Centre for Art and Technology, Finland

Shot at Paso Robles, Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain, and Cholame, California
Bitterwater Blackbyrd 2006
SilkyVRML422 2005
Soda Lake Drawings 2005
SALT 2004
total running time: 33’ 01″

CARRIZO PRIME single channel 2008 13′ 01″

CARRIZOPRIME Turbulence Artists Studio commission 2008


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