Christina McPhee,  by Robert Summers, Artillery Magazine, November 11, 2016 click for link

on the exhibition Second Sight: Recent Works by Christina McPhee, curated by James MacDevitt, Cerritos College Art Gallery, greater Los Angeles 



“I’m looking at Second Sight (2016) by Christina McPhee, which carries the same title as her solo exhibition currently on view at Cerritos Art Gallery. This work is an abstract, dense and expressive work on paper: there are marks upon marks, which create a layered effect, there are repetitive movements that create structural and biomorphic forms, and there are intensely dark areas in proximity to lighter, grayer, areas. Also, this work seems to move, to pulsate—in that the foreground, middle ground, and background trespass each other. In viewing this non-figurative image, it nevertheless surfaces a body, which I will get into more detail below. In closely looking at it, I could simultaneously hear McPhee drawing and scribbling rapidly—a synesthetic experience happened—upon looking at Coral Bones (2016). And, it was in this moment and movement that a memory was evoked—what Roland Barthes calls a “punctum”: the sudden recollection that punctured me, that created a hole that drew me into a memory.”  - Robert Summers


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